WLED vs LCD: The Differences That Matters

WLED vs LCD: some of the very important questions I ask myself, whenever I’m looking for the best gaming laptop are; what is the difference between those types of displays, is one really better that the other, and why are the prices so different? All valid questions and I think before buying a new gaming laptop, one should get to know what these differences are and also which type of display is going to benefit you the most.

LCD: LCD stands for LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY. These crystals contain liquid that are affected by electric current. Rather than the crystals producing light, they reflect and/or transmit light from an external source.
WLED: stands for WHITE LIGHT EMITTING DIODE. This type of display uses diode tubes instead of the standard cathode tubes like most liquid crystal displays. Like in the description, these types of display emit their own light. They use less energy and produce a more even and brighter display which in turn will give better clarity. Now the LED displays use an energy efficient light emitting diode for the back-lighting which is not only saves on cost of electricity, but also actively runs at a much cooler temperature than the cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL) used in traditional LCD screens. Which seems a little deceptive based on the inherent nature of the “cold” lamps. Running at around 20 to 30 percent more efficient is what makes the LED displays just an all around better choice for most, if not all, new gaming laptops.

The most important thing to think about when figuring out what your new gaming laptop should be equipped with is completely based on your situation. What is going to be the most important to you as an individual? In addition to the WLED/LED screening preference, several things you should consider are:
  • Graphics Card
  • Processing speed 
  • RAM
  • Type of Physical Memory
Remember for future purchases to know that every little bit counts when you are in the midst of game play on your new gaming laptop. The best equipment produces the best players and the best results, so have the best gaming laptop out there. As a PC gamer myself, I can attest that the top performing equipment is the difference between life and death, in the gaming world that is.

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