The Best Apple iPhone 6 Concept Designs

APPLE CEO Tim Cook has teased a number of ‘game changing’ products lined up for release this year, i.e iPhone 6.

The manager of the iphone and ipad producer said they have various shocks as good as done at a meeting held prior without much fanfare in San Francisco.In any case while rumours are swirling with the discharge of an iwatch and an itv, what of their leader mark -the iphone?

Patents have been recorded for adaptable showcases which alludes to what Apple have in store for their successor to the iphone, yet nothing is cement.For those sharp to see what another iphone could resemble, a movie has gathered together the best notion plans for an iphone 6.

Although, Apple has not announced the official date of launching this new iPhone 6 concept, there are bundles of rumors circulating in the online world saying the date is quite closer and more likely to be revealed before the end of the year! Moreover, rumors also suggest the presence of other features like retina or IGZO display screen, iOS 7, Quad core chip processor, 13 megapixels camera, internal memory storage of 128 GB and better battery life. The iPhone 5 lacking the NFC support turned out to be a big mistake for Apple.

The movie shows plans from fans which incorporate a buttonless telephone, a telephone with a wrap around screen and a clear telephone with finger impression examining.

While one plan characteristics an “enchanting” home screen catch, which empowers the client to immediately head off to the home screen when you touch the base of the telephone.

At a later meeting Mr Cook said: “We accept a lot in the component of shock.

“We suppose clients love shocks.”

Click play below to watch the video of concept designs for the Apple iPhone 6

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